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Welcome to the Reprieve Foundation
a 501(c)(3) public charity

For the last several years, we have been collectively, and individually contributing to NA Events, and Convention programming in the USA, and beyond. As we serve in this capacity, we speak, set up displays, and interview your local oldest members (in a private setting with their consent).
We are in touch with literally all of our known long-time members and would be happy to invite any of them to join us at your events.

Also Importantly, we like to make copies of any NA Historical items your attendees may have, and encourage them to bring them. These items are never sold or put on Internet social network sites. They are only archived then displayed for all to enjoy, wherever we go!

Invite us to bring our displays or as a guest speaker

It is with a very heavy heart I am writing this to you today. One of our founders/directors and a founder of N/A has been given news of cancer.  
At this time I think you should be aware without this mans knowledge and willfulness, we would not have such things we now know in NA as the court ordered singed cards. Because of Ed, N/A  uses this system within halfway houses/rehab  around the USA . Bet you werent aware of that fact. Well there are a lot of those kinds of things Ed had brought to US.  
Please send your prayers to Ed and his wife, but while doing so I implore you to look into Eds past and what he has endured to make N/A what it is today and for the years to come.  

You can read some of his story here
We are not a NA, "Area", "Region", or "World Service" Service body.
We do not use any Narcotics Anonymous FIPT items without the permission of the NAWS.
Donations collected by the Reprieve Foundation, go to helping spread renewed life through recovery to all.
We are simply very grateful NA Members in Loving Service!
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